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How to Find your Routers IP Address

Most routers have an IP address of either or If entering either of these two IP addresses in your web browser does not open the router settings and configuration utility then here is an easy and fast method for getting your routers IP address.

Step by Step How to Find your Routers IP Address Video Instructions

This video shows instructions for getting your Routers IP address in Windows only. If you want to find your routers IP on a MAC computer view text instructions

Step by Step How to Find your Routers IP Address Windows Text Instructions

❶ Launch the command prompt in Windows computers in one of two ways:

➀ On your keyboard press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time. This will bring up the run dialog box. Type in the letters cmd and press the OK button.

Image of Keyboard with the Windows key and R key highlighted.

Image of Windows RUN dialog box.

➁ Press the Windows Start button. Type in cmd in the search box and press your keyboards Enter key or click the cmd icon if it appears in the Start menu when you type cmd.

Image of Windows START menu with CMD typed in the search box.

❷ In the command prompt type ipconfig and press the keyboard Enter key.

Image of Windows command prompt with IPCONFIG typed in.

❸ Your routers IP address will be on the line that says Default Gateway and will be in the format x.x.x.x. (four numbers between 0 - 255 with a period separating them).

Image of command prompt showing the default gateway and routers IP address.

Step by Step How to Find your Routers IP Address MAC Text Instructions

❶ From the Apple menu pull down System Preferences.

Image of Apple computer menu.

❷ Click on the Network Preference pane.

Image of Apple computer System Preferences pane.

❸ Your computers IP address (not routers IP address) will be visible to the right.

Image of Apple computer Network Preferences pane.

❹ Select Wi-Fi or whatever network interface you are connected to the internet through and click on the Advanced button in the lower right corner.

❺ Click on the TCP/IP tab at the top.

Image of Apple computer Network TCP-IP settings.

❺ The routers IP address is the numerical address next to Router: and it should start with 192.168..

Image of where to find Apple computer router IP address in the TCP-IP pane.

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