Dozens of Ways to Change your IP Address

Your IP Address is:
What else your IP reveals right now.

Why Change Your IP Address?

There are tons of valid reasons why you want to change your IP address which is, essentially, your identity online.

When you (your computer) visits websites, the amount of information about your computer that is immediately revealed to these websites is staggering.

Changing or hiding your IP gives you the online privacy you deserve and helps protect you against hackers.

What Exactly is an IP Address?

Every single computer on the internet has an IP address. It is impossible to be online and not have an IP address. An IP address is your online physical address which is necessary so that websites know where to route or send web page and related files to.

When your computer connects to a websites computer, without an IP address, the website has no idea where to send the files and pages that makes up the website. The key to online privacy is to have every online location you visit see ANOTHER computers IP address and all the information it reveals, rather than your own.

What an IP Address Looks Like

An IP address is a series of four numbers, each between 0 -  255, separated by a dot or period. Examples of an IP address include:

What Your Computer and It's IP Address Reveals

If you are NOT hiding your IP address then all this information is revealed to any any website you visit and your ISP. If you engage in any shady activity online such as torrent downloads, illegal music downloads, etc., if you are not hiding or masking your IP address law enforcement can very easily use this information to track down your exact physical address.

  1. Your physical location. Not specifically your exact address but the general geographic area, the town you are in.
  2. Your computers operating system.
  3. The web browser you are using.
  4. Who your internet service provider is.
  5. Your website history (previous websites you have visited).
  6. With certain web browsers (chrome) every single web page you visit, every link you click, every file you download is recorded and saved.

Visit our what your IP address reveals about you page to see just some of the information your IP address, right now, is revealing about your computer. Another real danger with an exposed IP address is a less than ethical website can use the information your IP address reveals to hack into your computer.

Ways to change your IP address:

There are two basic ways to change your IP address:

  1. Use of a proxy server. A proxy server is a computer that sits between your computer and websites you visit. Instead of your internet communications going directly to the websites you visit they go to the proxy server computer and the proxy server goes out and gets the web pages you desire. This way the websites see the proxy server computer information and IP address, but not yours. This is 100% legal. These computers, called proxy servers, are purposely set up so people like you can enjoy online privacy. This method does not change your IP address but hides or masks it. This method of changing your IP is perfect for maintaining anonymity online.
  2. Taking actions that actually change your computers IP address. This method does nothing to protect your privacy as your computer is still connected directly to online resources. This method of changing your IP is more effective if you wish to access an online resource that has blocked you IP or if you want to create multiple online accounts.

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